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Apr 16, 2020

Alex Ferrari - Indie Film Hustle, Thriving in Film - Alex Ferarri worked like a demon to get into the movie industry. He did the 10000 hours...and still hadn't broken through in a meaningful way.  

Here is Alex's LinkedIn profile

Alex's website is an absolute treasure trove of knowledge. Get his books here. Seriously, if you are trying to figure out a film career Alex is the man and his website has the answers. He's also got several podcasts on the topic of filmmaking. 

Since the establishment wouldn't have him. He built his own production company and he's a smash hit...and the establishment now calls him. 

Geoff Calhoun cohosts with Pete A Turner on this fun episode of the Break It Down Show. 

All screenwriters should get Geoff incredible guide here

The Film industry
Is a closed community
Fuck ‘em start your own

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