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Break It Down Show

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Apr 7, 2020

HempWave - Kris Corter and Ryan Tregaskes, B2B in the Hemp Industry - This is a FASCINATING conversation with Kris Corter and Ryan Tregaskes (fun note, Ryan is an Agronomist) from HempWave. The company is a B2B or better B to Farm company focused on the hemp industry. Their goal is to create industry-standard self-regulation, reduce risk for farmers switching to the crop and help create industry st

Kris focuses more on the business side, while Ryan works the farming and yield side of the business. Pete A Turner gets into an exploratory, curiosity filled conversation that proves again why the Break It Down Show is one of the best podcasts. 

Hemp revolution
Is built on a wave of green
Farming the future

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Executive Producer/Host/Intro: Pete A. Turner ​​
Producer: Damjan Gjorgjiev ​

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