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Nov 22, 2019

Scott Huesing – Best Selling, Award Winning, Author of Echo In Ramadi - Our guest is show Producer and Co-Host, Scott Huesing. Scott as many of you know is an integral part of the show, Oh, and an Award Winning and Best Selling author. His initial book is called, Echo In Ramadi. 

Pete A Turner and Scott sit down at El Rancho de Huesing to close season 6. The show has all of the hallmarks of a great chat, gifts, whiskey, beer and a love story. Congratulations to everyone in the BIDS family, we've all made this happen together.

A special shout to our big brothers, Jay Mohr and Hilliard Guess. without their support, none of this is possible; we are forever indebted. 

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Show 599

Human Connections, Power

Features Long Horn 6

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