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Break It Down Show

We illustrate life by gathering perspectives, achievements and moments that define us. 

Mar 29, 2016

As the singer and sax player for Fishbone, he has rocked countless parties since 1979 and influenced generations of great bands.  He's still at it, strong as ever.  Angelo tells us about music today, how hard it is to find real musicians, and what's so deep about doing the housework.

Mar 25, 2016

Nite Train (not his real name, but cooler than most real names) was an Iraqi translator who helped American agents navigate some hostile terrain.  He's been through some hairy situations, and now he's here, having transformed himself into an All American family man by day and grooving bass player by night.  Yeah, you...

Mar 21, 2016

Cory Benavente is an audiophile, a musician, and a determiner of what is cool.  In his work as a data analyst, he compiles people's actions and habits and creates strategies for delivering what they enjoy, what inspires, and what motivates them to stay with you, engage more, and enjoy a deeper relationship with...

Mar 15, 2016

Dawg Fight, Cocaine Cowboys, The U, The U 2, Broke, Square Grouper, these are just some of the films from Billy Corben's magnificent body of work.  He talks with us about these, and his upcoming films, and what fun it was to grow up in South Florida

Mar 10, 2016

Part 2 of our conversation with Jeff Trager leads us down the path of some of the shows he's promoted, along with some more of the records from way back in his career.  We talk about his experiences with James Brown, George Clinton, Los Lobos, Sly Stone, Betty Davis, Mic Gillette, Carlos Santana and many others.