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Break It Down Show

We illustrate life by gathering perspectives, achievements and moments that define us. 

Jun 27, 2016

Documentarian and talk show host John Ziegler delivers in part 2 of his episode centered around the case of Jerry Sandusky.  If his comments have raised suspicion in your mind about the validity of the conviction, you're not alone.  

Jun 25, 2016

Jon and Pete put some love in your earhole.

Jun 23, 2016

John Ziegler is a talk show host and documentary filmmaker who makes a compelling and disturbing case that Jerry Sandusky of the Penn State-associated child sex abuse scandal may not have gotten a fair trial.  We make the disclaimer that all curious listeners should read the source material written by the principals in...

Jun 13, 2016

Songwriter, storyteller, everyman evangelist Jesse Manibusan joins us to talk about the craft of songwriting, life on the road, how cultures celebrate and worship across the globe, and why the world just needs more love.  He is an entertainer, a friend, and a spiritual beacon for all of us.  Musical co-conspirator Rich...

Jun 4, 2016

Sedric Drake is a comedian and host of his own podcast, The Bull$#!t Hour.  He sat down with Jon and Pete at Bayview to talk about his experience with college volleyball players, the acoustic qualities of unattached church pews, and his obvious comedic influence and doppelgänger, Mel Brooks.  It's an hour in the always...