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Break It Down Show

We illustrate life by gathering perspectives, achievements and moments that define us. 

Oct 31, 2019

Joe Garland – Chief! Counterintelligence Airborne Spy Joe is a US Army Counterintelligence Warrant Officer with decades of experience. This is a #spyvsspy episode-Pete A Turner and Bryan Fuller cohost this episode and discusses their time in the 165th MI Bn and how Joe's career pushed him to directly support Delta...

Oct 31, 2019

Glenn Zeitz – I Represent the Irishman, Standing with Frank Sheeran – Glenn Zeitz is one of the best lawyers in the nation. He's taken on Donald Trump, won AND got his client paid!!! 

He's also Frank Sheeran's lawyer. Frank was accused of quite a few things over the years including murdering Jimmy Hoffa....

Oct 29, 2019

Rich Ledet & Pete A Turner Customary Disregard for Religion in Conflict Zones - Dr. Richard Ledet, who has tenure!, is talking with Pete A Turner. The guys are sorting out on the show their current paper that deals with how we fail to recognize the power religion has in conflict zones. 

Rich does his job as the...

Oct 29, 2019

Bryan Fuller – Whipping Cancer’s Ass One Paddle at a Time – Row row row your boat gently down to Bryan’s gym in Brookline Mass. Our good friend Bryan as you know is the fastest American to row across the Atlantic – and the fastest redhead as well!

Learn more about Bryan's team and the quest to be the fastest...

Oct 28, 2019

Nick Wilson – Resiliency Project, Life After the Ringer – The life of a police officer isn’t as gracious as seen on TV. Day in and day out they’re exposed to everyday traumas ranging from taking statements from people who have just experienced said trauma to seeing a gruesome crime scene.

Follow Nick Wilson...