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Break It Down Show

We illustrate life by gathering perspectives, achievements and moments that define us. 

Dec 31, 2018

Qubyte Expands Connor's Byte Series - Today's show is a fun jaunty chat between Cat and Pete as they discuss her new book. Cat Connor is the author of the Byte Series featuring FBI Agent Ellie and her world of fellow agents and special crime-fighting operatives from Delta A. 

Qubyte places Ellie back in a town where...

Dec 28, 2018

Penitent, Liberated and X-Raided - The story and life of Anerae VeShaugn is complex. Yes, as a 17 year old gang member, he and 3 fellow Crips broke into the home of Patricia Harris and she was murdered. Anerae was convicted and spent 26 years in prison.

Prior to this time, and throughout the next quarter-century, Anerae...

Dec 27, 2018

Mixtape Semifinal match 2 - Today's Break It Down Show is an album fight is the penultimate battle in our Mixtape Challenge. One of today's fighters advances to the finals. Brian Theis's wife-centric list of love songs takes on the leather pants clad 80's themed list of Mike McKloskey. 

Today's judges are Todd Nemet, DJ...

Dec 25, 2018

Middle Earth, Middle East, Album Fights - Today Pete and Dr. Tim Furnish have a ranging chat about President Trump, MIddle-Eastern policy, Islamic approaches to counterinsurgency and Album Fights. 

Dr. Furnish is an expert on history, Islamic faith and surprisingly, JRR Tolkien's middle earth. Tim and Pete talk...

Dec 24, 2018

Pete A Turner & Scott Huesing Break Down 400 Experiences - Today we celebrate episode 400. Pete A Turner and best-selling author of Echo In Ramadi, Scott Huesing hang out at the Huesing Ranch and have a low-light relaxing chat. The fellas recorded this conversation about an hour after the excitement of interviewing