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Break It Down Show

We illustrate life by gathering perspectives, achievements and moments that define us. 

Nov 25, 2019

Harold Brown - Qualified to Represent the LBC, Lowrider and War - We're celebrating episode 600, with our guest Harold Brown, the legendary drummer from the band War.

Harold's current band is Lowrider same tunes, grooves and dudes. 

Pete A Turner and Jon Leon Guerrero spoke with Harold and discussed his life growing up in Long Beach, and the groups struggle to establish itself as an iconic band, hall of fame worthy band. Special shout to Jon for taking the extra time and detail to polish up this episode into something special. 

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Holding the groove down

A Long Beach original

The World's Harold Brown

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Executive Producer/Host: Pete A. Turner

Intro: Jon Leon Guerrero

Producer: Damjan Gjorgjiev

Writer: Marko Gulevski