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May 26, 2020

Michael Reagan – Reagan Legacy Foundation’s Walkway to Victory - Michael Reagan took the mantle of the Reagan Legacy Foundation from his sister Maureen when she passed in 2001. Michael's life is a story-filled journey of charity, events, celebrities and hard work. 

The latest venture of the foundation is the Walkway to Victory project at the Airborne Museum-located in Saint Mere Eglise the site of the D-Day drop for many paratroopers (including BIDS guest Henry Langrehr). The walkway is being filled with bricks that people purchase to memorialize their WWII hero from their family-Get Your Brick Here If there's no WWII hero from your can buy a brick and they'll assign you a WWII veteran. 

Along with the Legacy's walkway project are several others detailed at Pete A Turner and Michael discuss his work with the USS Ronald Reagan in support of the service members assigned to the ship. 

WWII Veterans
Buy a brick for the walkway
Regan Legacy

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Chet Rohn
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Henry Langrehr

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